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About Us

Our mission is to create a future where Pacific People have digital equity, are confident pursuing pathways in digital technologies and see themselves as future creators.

What we do:

We co-design and deliver immersive tech programmes and experiences; we share the stories of Pacific people in tech to create visibility and amplify the voices of our community; and we create platforms and spaces for Pacific people to connect, learn and grow.

What we stand for:

Tautua (Service). Le Va (Space). Fa'aaloalo (Respect). Aiga (Family). Lumanai (Futures). Justice.

For Pacific. By Pacific.
With Pacific.

Julia Arnott-Neenee

Co-founder and Director


Eteroa Lafaele

Co-founder and Director

Head of Education and Delivery

Saphron Matamua


Head of Digital and Content

Our Story

Fibre Fale was co-founded by Julia Arnott-Neenee and Eteroa Lafaele under the shared vision to create pathways for more Pacific people to embark in technology.


As young Pacific leaders, Julia and Eteroa are committed to growth and tautua (service) for our communities and creating resources for Pacific people to journey from consumers to creators and controllers in the tech space.

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