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About the project

Our Stories is  a portrait series sharing the journeys of Pacific people in tech. 

Volume One is a collaboration between Fibre Fale and Geoffery Matautia (@southsides) to create visibility and amplify the voices of Pasefika.

Each story features a series of portraits and talanoa.

Executive Producer: Julia Arnott-Neenee

Creative Director: Saphron Matamua

Photographer: Geoffery Matautia

Leigh Lefale

Leigh is a Samoan product enthusiast and Product Owner at Counties Energy

Siosaia Maka

Siosaia is a Tongan Software Development Intern, Graduate of TAKE2 and Co-Founder of Ngā Mihi

Michel Mulipola

Michel is a Samoan story artist, illustrator, professional gamer and more

Cruise Tuakara

Cruise is a Kūki ‘Āirani and Niuean self-taught Web3 Developer

Faith Wilson

Faith is a Samoan digital designer and creative at Fibre Fale.

Christian Munokoa

Christian is a Kūki ‘Āirani and Māori digital designer and co-founder of Hard Luck Design.

Sheldon Hall

Sheldon is a Māori and Samoan UX designer, collaborator and creative technologist.

Eteroa Lafaele

Eteroa is a Samoan social entrepreneur, software engineer, cofounder and leader in tech.

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